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At HIGHTEN, we’re your transformation partner. Our upscale studio specializes in weight loss through customized strength training & exercise, nutrition, and habit change. Specializing in training ages 40 +, we offer top-notch training at an affordable rate. Join us to unleash your potential.


From day one, we prioritize your voice at HIGHTEN. We believe in the power of listening, understanding your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations. Your journey begins with us understanding you, ensuring every step is tailored to your individual needs. Let’s achieve greatness together, starting with a conversation.


Chad at High 10 Personal Training

Meet Chad Blair, a dedicated fitness enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the wellness industry. Raised in Roseville, Michigan, Chad’s interest in health and fitness began at Wayne State University during his four-year stent as a collegiate athlete. With a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Masters Degree in Education, Chad brings a solid educational foundation to his fitness expertise. Chad holds notable fitness certifications, including NASM, Titleist Performance Institute, and FMS Level 1 & 2. These credentials, along with his continuous commitment to learning, have equipped him with a well-rounded understanding of fitness.

Over the past decade, Chad has served as a Director of Fitness and Coach, working with a diverse range of individuals, from professional athletes to people of various ages, backgrounds, and fitness experience. His true passion lies in small group personal training, where he focuses on helping both men and women shed weight, gain strength and energy, and live a life in pursuit of their highest potential. Chads fitness philosophy revolves around the concept of optimal movement, prioritizing the integrity of movement over sheer intensity. His functional training model aims to improve the quality of one’s life by emphasizes the 5 pillars of fitness: mobility and flexibility, core and balance, speed and power, strength, and heart health. At HIGHTEN Personal Training, individual needs take center stage, with customized programs designed to support each members unique fitness journey.

But theres more to Chads vision than personal fitness. He’s fervently committed to building an outstanding fitness team and helping young trainers forge lifelong careers in the industry. Beyond his professional life, Chad, alongside his wife Vanessa and their dog Maggie, cherishes the joys nature and new adventures while also appreciating life’s simpler pleasures.

As HIGHTEN Personal Training prepares to open its doors in early 2024, Chad is humbly excited by the opportunity to realize his dream of creating a fitness studio that not only cultivates health but also paves the way for others to do
the same. So here’s to new beginnings, lifelong fitness, and a bright future ahead with Chad Blair and the HIGHTEN Personal Training team.


HIGHTEN pledges a fitness experience beyond the ordinary. Anticipate personalized training crafted for your goals and unwavering community support. Our commitment starts from day one, where we listen to your unique needs, adapting and celebrating your victories. HIGHTEN is not just a gym; it’s your ally in achieving the extraordinary. Welcome to a place where your expectations are not met but surpassed.


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